5 Tips When Choosing Kitchen Cabinets

There are several elements to consider when designing or renovating the kitchen cabinets. Factors such as the design style, the functionality of the features, as well as the budget available, are essential to determine what type of kitchen cabinets to install.

By choosing the right kitchen cabinets, you will provide an avant-garde and functional touch to the space that, admittedly, is your family’s favorite place.

Before you go ahead and decide on what cabinets you want, we at Epic Woodwork compiled the top five tips we give all our clients when they want new kitchen cabinets. We hope you enjoy and share.

Kitchen Cabinets Functionality

Beauty in your home is essential, but what good is having a beautiful kitchen that you can’t use? Functionality is critical when remodeling your kitchen.

Depending on your needs, tastes and culinary practices you can decide the type of cabinet that suits you best. Make an inventory of how many utensils you plan to store and exhibit in your kitchen.

For example, a chef who works with a wide variety of kitchen utensils doesn’t need the same spaces and accessories as a person who never cooks at home. Before you get dazzled by beauty, make sure you invest in custom kitchen cabinets that work for you.

Desired Style

Your kitchen’s tone and style depend primarily on the type of door and the finishes of your cabinets. Traditional style lovers, for example, prefer ornamented or glazed moldings, as well as dyed cabinets with dark colors.

People that like minimalist decorations, on the other hand, prefer cabinets with clean lines that provide a sublime aesthetic touch without overwhelming the kitchen spaces.

Wood Type

A factor that influences the durability, longevity, and appearance of cabinets is the material, in this case, wood type. Maple and cherry are the most common types of wood for cabinets.

Maple has a lighter shade, and because of its condition, it’s the most practical option for painted cabinets.

On the other hand, the cherry has a more robust texture. The red shades of this type of wood make it is the most popular option for stained kitchen cabinets.

RTA vs. Assembled

Installation is a factor that you should also consider when starting a kitchen design program. It doesn’t matter if you choose an assembled cabinet or an RTA (Ready to Assemble). The duration of the installation and your budget will vary depending on that.

The assembled kitchen cabinets are the fastest and most practical option. The advantage is that they are built directly by the manufacturer, thus eliminating the risk of incurring any installation defect during the assembly.

RTA cabinets, on the other hand, are shipped unarmed in a package. So it’s up to the homeowner or a contractor to install them. The advantage of RTA cabinets is their low cost. This factor could make the difference when choosing which type of kitchen cabinets to use if working with a limited budget.

Framed vs. Frameless

Framed cabinets are the preferred option in American homes. For this type of cabinet, the doors are attached to the frame at the front of the cabinet box which results in more strength and stability to the door.

The frameless option is most popular in Europe. In this type of kitchen cabinets, there is no surrounding frame, and the doors are directly attached to the sides of the cabinet case. If you like elegant, modern and seamless finishes, frameless cabinets are the best option for your kitchen.

And there you go! The five tips that will help you make a more accurate decision about what type of custom kitchen cabinets to choose.

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