Eight Proven Steps to Remodeling a Small Kitchen

“Remodeling a small kitchen is a simple task.” Wrong! Remodeling a kitchen of small proportions isn’t easy, but it’s a job worth doing.

You’ll see how you can completely transform a small kitchen into a fantastic space. This project is a reflection of “less is more” and that every detail counts when remodeling the kitchen.

Take a look at each of the elements that were taken into consideration for this makeover and take note of those that you would like to apply in your small kitchen.


1. The arched doorways:

The two small existing doors were modified to be round. The arched openings added height to the kitchen and an additional and inviting character to the house. The arched opening provides a more welcoming connection between the dining room and kitchen.

Arched doorways for a small kitchen remodeling. Epic Wood Work



2. The paneled walls and ceiling:

The paneled walls in thick wooden planks made this space a more solid area. The ceiling, covered with V-groove cedar planks, adds warmth and character to the space.

Paneled walls and ceiling in a small kitchen remodeling. Epic Wood Work



3. The round window:

Changing the square window to a rounded one wasn’t an easy decision to make. In general, round windows aren’t very common, much less in a kitchen. However, keeping in line with the rounded doors, we consider that it would be a perfect choice. Now, the round window generates a nice focal point in the sink area.

A round window for a small kitchen remodeling. Epic Wood Work.


4. The Dutch door:

This is undoubtedly one of the more stylish pieces of this kitchen. An elegant and functional Dutch door. Imagine opening the upper door every day to let the wind in or get some sun rays. In short, this door of dark color and extraordinary design manages to steal some attention of its own. Also, the contrast with the white color of the walls adds its personal touch of coastal cottage personality to the area.

A fantastic Dutch door for a small kitchen remodeling. Epic Wood Work.


5. The apron front sink:

Anyone would think that remodeling a small kitchen involves changing only some elements but keeping the same sizes. That didn’t happen with the sink in this house. The idea of increasing the size of the sink was challenging, but it fit perfectly. Now, its proportion is adequate to be below the window. It’s also fantastic for watering plants and washing pots, pans and baking trays.

Apron front sink. Small kitchen remodeling. Epic Wood Work.



6. The cabinets, counters, and sconces:

In addition to a new look, this kitchen needed to be much more functional. Choosing the cabinets and counters wasn’t an easy task.

The white cabinets were the perfect option to generate a clean look that could be quickly updated with accessories.

The cabinets are superimposed on the profile of the shaker with a subtle detail on the outer and inner edges of the drawers. That generates more storage space, which is a significant advantage for a small space like this.

Also, to create much more storage and counter space, six drawers and a Lazy Susan cabinet were added in the corner of the back wall.

An extra set of drawers and a KitchenAid dishwasher designed for the panel was added to the wall of the sink.

Two tall cabinets with removable drawers and two upper cabinets accompanied by a wine rack were added to the refrigerator.

But this kitchen remodeling wasn’t just about adding elements. Some were also removed, such as the upper cabinets on the sink side of the room to extend the view of the corner windows.

Finally, the two closed top cabinets, located on either side of the kitchen hood ads balance to the corner windows. They also provide extra storage space for those pantry needs that are unattractive.

The cabinets, counters and sconces in a small kitchen remodeling. Epic Wood Work.


7. The herringbone tile floors:

Choosing the floor wasn’t an easy decision either. Remodeling a small kitchen isn’t as simple as it may seem. When selecting the floor, the adjacent spaces had to be considered as well. The final decision was a durable, almost concrete-looking DalTile tile.

The chosen tile has a brownish gray tone in addition to a great texture that allows hiding with grace a considerable amount of daily dirt that is quite common in a small kitchen.

Herringbone tile floors in a small kitchen remodeling. Epic Wood Work.


8. The hardware:

Mixing styles and different shapes of hardware and finishes in a kitchen gives a unique and creative touch. The combination of elements in this kitchen keeps it fresh and timeless. It doesn’t matter if the kitchen is small; here they were able to place different types of hardware. Among the most striking are:

  • Two long black pulls on the dishwasher that doubles as towel rods.
  • Two slim brass edge pulls on the pantry cabinets.
  • A set of two round black drawer hardware on most of the drawers.
  • Some square glass knobs with black brackets on the cabinet doors.

The hardware for a small kitchen remodeling. Epic Wood Work.


Check out the before and after of this makeover…

What do you think of this kitchen remodeling project?

If you live in the Dallas Fort Worth area and are considering kitchen remodeling, don’t hesitate to call us. At Epic Wood Work we’ve created many dream kitchens and are ready to help in yours. Contact us!


Source: http://theinspiredroom.net/2017/02/27/small-kitchen-remodel-reveal-before-after/