Epic Wood Work | The Best Material for Kitchen Countertops: Corian vs. Granite

Are you thinking about remodeling your kitchen?. Dabbling on which materials to use for your kitchen countertops? Epic Wood Work will compare two popular options for you: Corian vs. granite. Here are some characteristics of each so that you can make the right choice when planning a kitchen remodeling here in beautiful Dallas.

Corian vs. Granite. Let’s get to know them!

DuPont was the first manufactures of Corian back in 1967. Now there are many other brands like Avonite, Mystera, and Staron that also make Corian kitchen countertops.

Granite is a stone in its most natural form. Once extracted from the earth, it’s cut into slabs, sharpened and polished.

Often, some people associate granite with other stone-based materials such as quartz or engineered stone. However, keep in mind that real granite doesn’t carry any additional elements.

Which one is cheaper?

Don’t let a budget stop you if you’re starting to build your dream kitchen and kitchen countertop in Dallas. Corian and granite have similar prices. Both are priced about $40–$65 per square foot installed.

Consider granite tiles instead of slab granite if you want an easy-to-install and affordable alternative.

This is how they look on your kitchen countertops

Different strokes for different folks! If you love the natural look offered by the stone in its original state, with its color variations and intense brightness, granite may be the option that might appeal the most. Although, if you are obsessed with cleanliness, you better consider it; since granite has a mottled color, it usually camouflages the crumbs and stains on the surface of your countertop.

Corian, on the other hand, offers a less natural look, which resembles plastic but with a softer tone.

Invest in quality

When talking about return on investment, granite plays a leading role. It’s no coincidence that granite is the most common choice in celebrity kitchens. In general, granite finishes represent a higher gain when selling a property. If it is slab granite instead of granite tiles the retribution is much higher.

Corian may not generate the same ROI than granite, but it’s important to note that this is one of the options with a more significant brand recognition by consumers.

Durability and maintenance

  • Corian and Granite are nonporous and easy to clean surfaces.
  • Granite is more resistant to heat than Corian. Granite can resist a hot pan with no trouble while Corian can be scorched easily.
  • Corian never needs sealing to prevent stains. Granite needs to be sealed every 1-2 years.
  • Substances such as vinegar or lemon juice can stain Granite; Corian isn’t susceptible to acidic materials.
  • Corian can be scratched relatively easily; granite is hard to damage when using sharp objects.

Difficulty when installing

Corian is the lightest and most comfortable to handle. However, keep in mind there is no space for DIY projects when it comes to installing kitchen countertops with these materials.

At Epic Wood Work, we recommend you hire a professional for this kind of kitchen remodeling projects.

Granite and Corian offer a wide variety of benefits. Their features will help you decide which material is the best for giving a new look and feel to your kitchen countertop.

If you are in Dallas and want to give a new and elegant splash to your home, a kitchen remodeling is always a good option.


Always hire professional home remodeling contractors to get quality work. A kitchen redesign is more than an aesthetic and decorative residential project. It represents an element of investment that will appreciate your home’s value.

Let’s start building the kitchen of your dreams. At Epic Wood Work will be happy to be part of it. Contact us!

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