Secrets from Pro Chefs: Chef’s Kitchen Appliances and Kitchen Design Tips

Wouldn’t it be great to have a kitchen design manual! Imagine compiling all the secrets of kitchen appliances and design in a specialized guide. Thinking of a new kitchen would be a lot easier.

Who better than a professional chef to know the necessary appliances and kitchen design?

What kind of kitchen would you like to have at home?

We talked with three experts about well-kept secrets that can be applied to any home’s kitchen area. Two of them cooks and the third, a restaurant owner. These seasoned pro chefs revealed part of their secrets about their favorite area of the house. These are their thoughts on kitchen design.

Check the MUST HAVE KITCHEN APPLIANCES these three kitchen experts consider that you should have at home.

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The kitchen of a professional chef

There is much that you can learn when browsing the kitchen of a “seasoned” chef. No matter the area in which they work. Be it chef, restaurant owner or culinary instructor, the kitchen of a cooking master is a fascinating space.

This is what The Baker Experts, The Restaurant Chef, and The Culinary Instructor told about their kitchens:

What is your ESSENTIAL kitchen appliance?

The Baker: “A separate walk-in pantry and double oven is a must. A center island is crucial for preparing food. A large workspace to spread out ingredients and all your needs.”

The Restaurant Chef: “Vitamix blender. Invaluable when whipping up sauces and soups. It’s especially handy when preparing snacks and meals for the little ones.”

The Culinary Instructor: “Utility storage and pantry storage is key. A lot of cabinet storage so that I always have everything I need in my home. Also, without storage, the countertop becomes a mess, and things get in the way. Not just food items, mixers, and gadgets need to be stowed too. If you don’t have good storage, then that affects your overall performance.”

What can we find at the top of your kitchen wish-list?

The Baker: “I would want my kitchen bigger, with more counter and storage space. And a second sink would be great. The sink always gets filled up because you’re focusing on your work.”

The Restaurant Chef: “I would change my sink to a trough sink like in the restaurant. I like the nice big trough sinks for wash veggies, preparing meals and being able to still fit multiple items in there. Keeping dirty dishes at bay, while being able to wash your food.”

The Culinary Instructor: “The oven. I use a convection at home and work. But it’s above a stove, 1-unit. I would do a wall unit next time. Bending down and reaching up inhibits cooking and is exhausting. Eye level–double wall oven would be ideal. Convection and also I prefer it electric.”

What is your must-have kitchen gadget?

The Baker: “My #1 kitchen essential, being a baker are my two Kitchen-Aid mixers because they are the best. I rarely manually mix, unless the recipe calls for it. At home, I use the microwave most often though.”

The Restaurant Chef: “A Gas range, and to that point, gas over electric any day! We all have that high-end stove on your wish list, but as long as it has the key features, with even heat, a good gas range is an invaluable appliance for me. It lends itself to the final product.”

The Culinary Instructor: “I love my Air fryer. You don’t need a lot of oil. Crips up items beautifully. Just a nice item for fresh and light results instantly. If you don’t want to start the whole oven, it’s’ great for crispy results. You can even bake in it. Compact and quick to use.”

What will kitchens look like in 50 years?

The Baker: “Streamlined, modern, sparse. Custom storage that fits the item that’s stored. The microwave will look like a cabinet, and nothing lives on the countertops or work area.”

The Restaurant Chef: “Kitchens in 50 years will look like they did at the World’s Fair in 1950. At the World’s Fair, custom storage, streamlined storage… Appliances popping out of the countertops. Clutter-free, hidden away. Disappear when you don’t need them. Manage your counter space and accessibility.”

The Culinary Instructor: “Automated and digital. You’ll be able to say to an oven, bake this for 2 hours and then shut off. Talking to items, and it just starts. You don’t have hands in the kitchen. Just say, preheat your oven to whatever or ‘start’ crock pot.’ Or from your phone.”

Some kitchen design tips

Now for the practical part of the article, get ready to take notes and don’t miss these tips if you want to remodel your kitchen area. Are you thinking of redesigning your kitchen? The following is what the experts recommend:

The Baker: “Sit down make a list of what you hate about your existing kitchen. That’s the only way you are going to improve the overall functionality of your new kitchen.”

The Restaurant Chef: “People ask me all the time for advice on kitchen remodeling, believe it or not. The best advice is to think outside the box. Just because your kitchen is laid out a certain way, doesn’t mean you can’t change it. Put your daily life needs on paper. For instance, how far is the garage or storage area from your work area? How quickly can you get to your most used items while working in the kitchen? Keep ‘needs’ closer to minimize your cooking world. Traipsing across the room only inhibits the outcome of your dish and wastes your valuable cooking timing. Streamline your overall daily habits.”

The Culinary Instructor: “Layout is vital. Take your time, draw out how you work. Pattern your flow. People don’t take the time to say: my oven is here, where am I going with this when it comes out. My dishwasher should be near my sink. Where is the fridge in relation to other appliances? Don’t waste time walking across the room over and over again for each item. Functionality is more important to me when most people only think about the look.

Kitchen design. New kitchen. Home-remodeling. Kitchen Appliance. Epic Wood Work

Every detail matters

Just like you, every chef dreams of his ideal kitchen design experience.

If these three kitchen experts agree on something, it’s that functionality in the kitchen area should prevail over aesthetics. It isn’t too practical to have a beautiful kitchen but that which you can’t properly use.

Storage spaces, as well as large work areas and diversity of kitchen appliances, are favored and most prized features among chefs.

Are you thinking of getting a new kitchen and don’t know where to start?

It’s time to give your home’s favorite space a new look.

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