3 Kitchen Remodel Ideas and Simple Inspiration for Your Home

Kitchen remodeling can be a very interesting makeover project. However, it can be intimidating. With the introduction of new products and the latest fashion trends concerning interior design, kitchen remodel ideas are limitless.

What elements should you discard? What kitchen renovations can you do? Is it necessary to remove the cabinets completely? How to make better use of space in a small kitchen? Sorting with these style concepts is no easy task.

At Epic Wood Work, we give you a strong foundation in the ABC’s of planning a kitchen remodeling project in Dallas. Check some simple kitchen remodel ideas as wells as some cooking area cupboard suggestions, kitchen formats, and kitchen counter surfaces. Here we go!



Before you start thinking about the type of kitchen flooring or hardware you want, you must consider:


  1. Design a Kitchen (Function)

What do you like about your kitchen? How do you use your existing kitchen area? Is there any aspect of your kitchen that you don’t want? Are you the kind of person who likes cooking alone or do you prefer cooking with company?


  1. Kitchen Area Storage

Do you have an ample cooking area storage space? How do your kitchen cabinets function? Do you prefer open or closed storage spaces? Is there any kitchen cabinetry you dream with?


  1. The Surrounding Rooms

How does the design of your kitchen complement the surrounding rooms? Are both designs coupled or do they contrast with each other?


  1. Spending Plan

How much money do you plan to invest in kitchen remodeling? How much does the kitchen model you like cost? Does this include a contingency for unforeseen expenses?



The price of a kitchen remodeling project differs considerably depending on the kitchen design, the materials, as well as the appliances that will be integrated into the area.

Nevertheless, there are a lot of creative ways for homeowners to match different materials to attain a new kitchen appearance that is both gorgeous and also inviting. The best part is that you don’t need to go broke to accomplish it.

Each kitchen remodeling is different. And there’s no magic formula for you to accurately calculate how much money you should invest in repairs. However, there’s a general formula to follow with a cooking area remodeling budget, and we share it with you:

Keep in mind that 80% of the spending plan will be allocated to materials and labor. The other 20% will be used to cover incidentals.

The current 80% will be divided into:

  • Cupboards = 40%
  • Labor = 20%
  • Devices = 20%
  • Windows = 10%
  • Fittings = 3%
  • Miscellaneous expenses = 7%


If you want to keep expenses low, get products such as laminate, vinyl, linoleum or ceramic floor tile.




  1. Say hello to new colors.

Don’t be afraid of the radical color changing. Give your kitchen an entirely new touch with a simple change of tone. See how spacious this kitchen now looks after having lightened the color of the walls. What do you think of the cabinets? The days when wood should maintain its natural color are over. Dare to paint your cabinets white and give them the opportunity to be reborn. Notice how a simple change of colors made this kitchen look different.

Kitchen remodel ideas Kitchen remodel ideas


2. There is no ugly kitchen but many poorly designed ones.

The change undergone by this kitchen is extraordinary. While it seemed that there were dozens of renovations that made this kitchen now show its best side, it was only some precise modifications that made the trick. Again we see the change of color. Look how the area was illuminated by applying white color to the walls and cabinets. The wood floor gave an elegant touch to the space, in addition to the central countertop that adds a new functional area to the kitchen. Why live so locked up? By just removing half of the dividing wall, they created the effect of more space to the kitchen, which gives it a more relaxed and dynamic feel.

Kitchen remodel ideas

Kitchen remodel ideas


3. Perfect monochromatic balance

Remodeling in this kitchen is proof of how well you can take advantage of the spaces. See how a vast, white and desolate wall became a potential storage area. The black cabinets give it a sober touch, in contrast to the white marble floor. The central counter offers ample functional space to prepare delicious dishes up to par with this beautiful kitchen. Chic!


Kitchen remodel ideas Kitchen remodel ideas



Now that you’ve seen these fantastic kitchen remodel ideas, we hope that you and other Dallas Fort Worth homeowners feel inspired.

The first thing you have to do before starting a kitchen design project is to call us. We are ready to assist in any project.

At Epic Wood Work we‘ll be happy to be part of the remodeling projects in your beautiful home. Contact us now!


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