Best 10 Creative Ways to Remodel Your Kitchen Countertops

If you use your kitchen regularly, you should know that after a while kitchens can (and will) get messy. And guess what the area where clutter is most noticeable is? Kitchen countertops!

The kitchen countertops design affects the organization of your kitchen significantly.  Whether you like to display containers, wooden spoons, recipe books or various appliances.

Well-designed kitchen countertops can transform your kitchen from a disorganized space to a neat and aesthetic place.

Making small changes to your kitchen can make a big difference. Don’t worry if you are out of your budget to install a new marble counter. Undergoing a kitchen remodeling project doesn’t need to be an impossible task. There are many ways to renew your kitchen’s look creatively and with little money.

Kitchen Countertops: It’s time to get creative!

Check out these ten great ideas to renew kitchen countertops. Discover how to remodel a kitchen using only a few dollars and a lot of creativity:


1. Geometric, linear and graphic elements such as bricks in contrast with a round number 3 add a unique touch to the area. Look how good the stack of books in the corner looks.


2. Make the most of your open kitchen countertops and open shelving. Use open shelves to expose functional and decorative elements, all in the same place without interference. Add a natural touch to your kitchen with a small plant, and you’ll see how it provides a fresh feel to your home.


3. The floating stainless steel shelves add dimension to the kitchen. They’re also additional storage much needed to store various kitchen utensils. Highlight the industrial aspect of your kitchen with small appliances. The mix of neutral colors will make everyone love the look of your kitchen. Light wood countertops next to metallic utensils create a sense of colors contrast and textures.


4. Make the most of small kitchens with shelves, hanging grids, and mug hooks. Look how the little white radio over the wooden countertop stands out.


5. Paying close attention to finishes can pay off. Showcase all your stunning small appliances on the counter. Why hide your beautiful mixer? Look how great it looks over a black kitchen countertop. Also, seeing your mixer every day is an excellent incentive to prepare those muffins that you like so much.


6. Plants always embellish a kitchen. See how cute and natural the contrast between the wood on the wall shelves and the white kitchen countertop looks. Plus they look even better with a Texas sun shining on em.


7. Want an exciting and cohesive look in your kitchen? Try mixing materials such as wood, ceramic and marble. You can also arrange your objects according to size if you want to give a sense of balance to the decoration.


8. A monochromatic and natural kitchen like this one looks fantastic. Let the experts in interior design from Scandinavia say so.


9. Who says we can’t use kitchen countertops to display works of art? Small pieces leaned up against the backsplash will always be pleasing to the eye.


10. The owner of this kitchen must be a cook or baker. Look how the mixing bowls, scale, and storage jars add personality to the area. Want your kitchen area to be chic? Try keeping everything in the same color range. Perfection!


Did you like these ten modern kitchens? Reorganizing and restyling your kitchen countertops has never been so easy!

At Epic Wood Word we would love to be part of the next remodeling project in your kitchen area. With your ideas and our qualified work, we’ll achieve excellent results. Contact us!

Source: http://witanddelight.com/2017/07/styling-kitchen-countertops/